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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #51578


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #51578

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Ginger Lavender Wilkerson, LMFT

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Counseling Services Provided

I have a highly specialized practice in which I service clients from a variety of cultural backgrounds, ages and experiences. I am culturally aware and have been trained to meet the needs of my clients. I continue to perfect my expertise and pride myself in providing quality care for you and your needs. Below you will see a menu of services that I provide.  Goodness of fit is extremely important which is why I offer a FREE 20 minute phone consultation. 

Individual Counseling 

I support individuals, adults and adolescents with a variety of mental health conditions and work/life balance related stressors. I support individuals with finding solutions and empowering them to live better lives.

Parent Coaching

I help mothers strengthen their relationships with their daughters though education, mentorship and counseling so that they can manage and support their daughters mental, emotional and physical health. The program includes adolescent therapy and intensive 1 to1 sessions. with the parent. 



Being a teen and parenting a teen is a unique experience. Being able to support teens through what is known as a transitional period into adulthood. I support and validate teen experience and help them to manage their struggles with identity and individuation


Strengthening Mother/ Teen-Daughter Relationship

Parent Coaching 

90- Minute 

Zoom- Intensive

Investment: $197.00

Whats Included?

90 minutes of EXPERT Parent Coaching

1.  4 Steps to engaging with your teen daughter

2. 3 Common Parental Mistakes when engaging with teens.

3. 3 Common developmental Crisis with teen Girls.

4. Review of symptoms and behaviors that affect mental and emotional functioning of teens.

5. How can you manage being a Woman, Mom and Career Professional and still connect with your Daughter.

Transform Mother Daughter RelationshipMother Daughter Make Over

This is a 6-week intensive deep dive to transform your mother daughter relationship. This package is right for you if any of the following are true:

(1) You’re struggling with your daughter’s moods, her acting out, or just generally feel overwhelmed.

(2) You feel like your daughter is pulling away from her connection with you, and you don’t know what to do.

(3) You’re concerned for your daughter’s safety, and you’re not sure you know the whole truth of what’s up in teen world.

Includes 2 individual sessions and parenting assessment and youthing assessment, 4 conjoint sessions, weekly assignments, immediate feedback and 1-virtual booster session (90 days following)


Services and Fees

Reflections from a Client

You are so easy to talk to. I am so happy I decided to start counseling


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