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Ginger Lavender LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #51578


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #51578

Individuals, Couples and Families..


Come and Work With ME!

Therapist for Teen Girls and Women

Ginger Lavender Wilkerson, LMFT

Are you look for a therapist to support you in your journey? 

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Counseling and Coaching Services Provided

I have a highly specialized practice in which I service clients from a variety of cultural backgrounds, ages and experiences. I am culturally aware and have been trained to meet the needs of my clients. I continue to perfect my expertise and pride myself in providing quality care for you and your needs. Below you will see a menu of services that I provide.  Goodness of fit is extremely important which is why I offer a FREE 20 minute phone consultation. 

Individual Counseling 

I support individuals, adults and adolescents with a variety of mental health conditions and work/life balance related stressors. I support individuals with finding solutions and empowering them to live better lives.

Parent Coaching

I help mothers strengthen their relationships with their daughters though education, mentorship and counseling so that they can manage and support their daughters mental, emotional and physical health. The program includes adolescent therapy and intensive 1 to1 sessions. with the parent. 


This 4 week intensive program is for Busy Moms who want to reset, re-center and re-focus on their dreams, aspirations and goals. If you are looking for that extra push to pursue your own dreams so that you can be more balanced and well for your families, and live the life you truly want. This package is right for you if any of the following are true:

You want to deep dive and look at what you really want, and discover what may be holding you back

You want to find steps to get what you want, to live a more fulfilling relationships with your children and family

You want to live a life Free, independent and empowered, and move away from a “traditional” mother role

First Love Your SELF is a Girls' Social Skills, empowerment program that I provide to agencies, churches, youth groups, as either curriculum, consultations or workshop facilitator. Self-esteem is highly important and I help girls  to love SELF FIRST. 


Strengthening Mother/ Teen-Daughter Relationship

Parent Coaching 

90- Minute 

Zoom- Intensive

Investment: $197.00

Whats Included?

90 minutes of EXPERT Parent Coaching

1.  4 Steps to engaging with your teen daughter

2. 3 Common Parental Mistakes when engaging with teens.

3. 3 Common developmental Crisis with teen Girls.

4. Review of symptoms and behaviors that affect mental and emotional functioning of teens.

5. How can you manage being a Woman, Mom and Career Professional and still connect with your Daughter.

Services and Fees

Reflections from a Client

You are so easy to talk to. I am so happy I decided to start counseling