Mother & Teen Daughter

"Manifest Your Dreams?

Vision Board Workshop

and Mini retreat

February 3, 2018

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Ginger Lavender Wilkerson presents...

"Manifest Your Dreams

Mother and Teen Daughter Workshop"

Next Retreat

When: February 2019

Where: Los Angeles Area

Details: TBA

A sneak peek at the Mother Daughter Workshop and Mini Retreat

February 2018!

I had a blast for the Annual Mother and Teen Daughter Workshop and Mini retreat. It was amazing to see all of the mother and teen daughter pairs. Can't wait for next year!!

"Manifest Your Dreams" 2018

We had an amazing time at the Manifest Your Dreams 2018. Mothers and Tween/Teen Daughters work to address Self Esteem, Body Image, Healthy Eating and Wellness. This Workshop was a great start to the new year.  

I had the opportunity to meet some amazing young ladies who had goals to set and to achieve.The created amazing vision boards and discussed the benefit of writing things down.

We talked about selfies and self-estem. I reminded them that I enjoy selfies because it is a form of a mirror and a reflection of themselves. Mirrors are a great reminder to encourage ourselves and a reminder of inner and outer beauty. The more pictures the better.

During the 2018 Manifest your Dreams Mini Retreat …

  • We tackled real life issues facing both mothers and daughters

  • We looked at the Echo's of self-worth that moms place on their daughters

  • We had open dialogue about body image, health and wellness,

  • We discussed the fears, and the hopes of each mom and daughter

  • We wrote letters to ourselves in gratitude for the next steps we were taking to meet our goals. 

"Manifest Your Dreams" 2019- TBA

This workshop was created to inspire, lead and strengthen relationships, mend broken communication and to encourage mothers that they can do it!!

**My workshops are geared to increasing connections, connections through the mother/daughter dyad. This important relationship is for most the medicine needed to cure hurt, pain, discomfort and conflicts.


Facilitated by Ginger Lavender Wilkerson, LMFT

Date TBA


  1. A teen girl that doesn’t understand her worth= needs a trusting relationship where she can discuss her worries and fears, in a non judgemental way
  2. A teen that doesn’t trust her parental relationship will find comfort in things, people and objects to fill the void.
  3. Studies have shown that 1 trusting relationship can be a difference maker in the life of a teen.
  4. A teen girl who is irritable, moody or temperamental has so much to say and doesn’t know how to say it.
  5. I created this workshop to help young ladies and mothers a) bond in a creative way b) to create a vision and dream board for themselves together and c) encourage one another to achieve their goals. 
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