Ginger Lavender Wilkerson,


​Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #51578

Parent Coach for Moms with Tweens/Teens



(Reg. $497)


Are you Ready to Focus on You!! Do you need support in creating a successful plan! Do you want to take your career to another level while, being a mom? This Program is for you and for a limited time, I am offering a huge Savings!! 

A $350 Savings (70% OFF)!!

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Mentoring Program


This 4 week intensive program is for Busy Moms who want to reset, re-center and re-focus on their dreams, aspirations and goals. If you are looking for that extra push to pursue your own dreams so that you can be more balanced and well for your families, and live the life you truly want. This package is right for you if any of the following are true:

You want to deep dive and look at what you really want, and discover what may be holding you back

You want to find steps to get what you want, to live a more fulfilling relationships with your children and family

You want to live a life Free, independent and empowered, and move away from a “traditional” mother role​

You should know that 1:1 work is one of the most powerful ways to transform your life..

You may need support because you’ve got a tough situation on your hands or you simply feel stuck and need help with your next steps. 




I have over 15 years experience as a coach, mentor and licensed marriage and family therapist working with mothers, and daughters. I am also a mother of 3 and have first hand experience of the rewards and challenges in raising children. 

I AM truly living the life I have always wanted to. I am more balance, and living empowered. I enjoy the high's and low's of motherhood and have Redfined what Motherhood looks like. Come Join Me to help you RESET, REFOCUS and REDEFINE YOU. 

Join My 30-DAY: 

 Manifest The LIFE You WANT!

MomME Mentoring Program 

Are you ready to LIVE the LIFE you Want? Are you tired of filling your time with people and things that get you further away from your goals? Are you unsure of your goals but know that you are unhappy and not content with how you are living?

You may be searching for support through the many transitions of your life. 

I am the support you need!!! Someone to help you tap into you goals and your dreams and help you to move beyond what has been holding you back. 

You May Need a 

Clarity Call!!

You may want to explore if this is right for you at this time. You may want to explore a particular concern. Let us discuss.  I provide a 20 minute clarity call.


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