​Ginger Lavender Wilkerson, LMFT

​Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #51578

Therapist for Teens and Tweens

Mother Daughter Relationship Coach

More About ME!

Welcome to My Practice

My practice is client centered and focussed on providing a safe environment to process some of life's most difficult moments. I believe that goodness of fit between provider and therapist is paramount and encourage you to find the best match for you.  I enjoy working with adolescents and adults who need support with many of life obstacles.  I especially love working with women who are trying to manage it all (career, relationships, love, marriage and children) and need support with their relationship with their adolescent children.  My therapeutic style varies depending on the client(s) but I provide a supportive and safe environment for my clients. I believe getting to the root of the issue will help break the maladaptive patterns and provide some relief.

My Philosophy

"You don't alwa​ys need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and

 see what happens."

                                      -Mandy Hale

Teen Therapist, Life Coach, Mother and Daughter Relationship Expert, Teen Group

BOSS Moms:

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Teen Therapy Group

Now Enrolling for Second Summer Session

Is your daughter experiencing depressive moods, or anxiety that is impacting relationships, school, and extra-curricular activities? Consider enrolling her into the next cycle of JUST BREATHE, teen therapy group, a 5-week speciality group to support teens (tweens) with healthy coping and healthy relating.  

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What clients have said..

We want to thank you for engaging in our fight to get our daughter better. It has been a very long journey that we are still embarking on but with your help we see hope and we know that the end is near. We want you to know that we greatly appreciate you and your good and hard work

Anonymous Parent

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